biggest domestic cats
8 biggest domestic cats

The cat is a lovely animal and people around the world love to have cats of this different breeds. No matter what type of cat it is, a person can get it from any other corner of the world if he has a love for that breed. People develop a strange sense of attachment with this loving animal that they become part of the family. Here are 8 biggest domestic cats a person can place easily in house.

Maine Coon

Unlike Savannah cats, they do not have any ancestral relationship with the wild cats. Their size is really big and they possess a friendly personality. They are not demanding and their weight can be from 10 to 25 lb depending on the gender. Male cats of this breed are heavier as compared to the female ones.

Savannah cat

This cat breed is famous because it’s considered to be the largest domestic cat among all the other breed. Before making a purchase of this breed, it is important to have a background research, as well as care of their unique needs, should also be taken. These concerns are raised because of the hunting and wide roaming nature of this breed.


This is a large and long-haired cat with the kind and affectionate nature. They prove to be the best companion for people who are looking for a cat with calm and loving nature. They can weigh up to 20 lb according to the standard.

Norwegian forest cats

This breed comes from Norway and has long hairs. It is familiar with the harsh and cold environment. They are pretty similar to Maine coon cats and has the weight ranging from 15 to 20 lb.


In the UK it is a rare cat breed and mostly found in France. There is a high demand for this breed and people put a lot of effort to get the kittens of this breed. Their appearance is like jungle cats that make them really attractive. Their male breed can weigh up to about 22 lb.


This breed comes from Russia and is a really good choice for the cat loving people but having the problem of allergies. The amount of Protein Fel D1 produced by them is really less and allergies are not triggered. The weight of female breed is about 8 – 12 lb, however, males are 17 lb.

American bobtail

They come in multiple varieties including American, Kurilian, and Japanese. These entire breeds are distinct but their tail is really small that it is sometimes considered to be absent. Another similar cat is Manx cat that is not genetically related to this breed but they also do not have any tail.


This is somewhat related to Ragdoll breed because of multiple shared traits. The muscular structure of this breed is really dense and show a strong built. They can become fully adult in almost 3 years and make up a really beautiful cat. The maximum weight they can possess is about 20 lb.

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