7 Flat Face Cats Breeds That You Need To Know

Alongside puppies, cats are the most loved pets. They come in a variety of features. Some are noisy, others quiet. Flat face cats are interesting ones.

It is so because these are different from the other subgroups in numerous ways. Pet-owners and zoologists like to say that these cats’ flat faces say a lot about their personalities.

flat face cats

And there is somehow complex inheritance involved in such features. However, these cats are adored by cat lovers and people love to cuddle them around. But with all these love comes some annoying habits that are common among these breeds.

They require proper care

It is necessary to train your pet for a healthy living. Cats and dogs are groomed by teaching them and showing them how to do certain things. Some breeds are easier to groom, they don’t need much attention. However, flat-faced cats are different. These cats need bathing daily.

Also, their eyes must be cleaned daily. Cat hair, dander, and food are to be taken care of. Their eyes require special care because they tend to drain more than usual. Also, licking their hair can lead to a health problem and, therefore, the owner must take proper care of his/her pet.

They are prone to several disorders and syndromes

Due to their genetic variations, flat-faced cats have malformed brain structures. Persian cat breeds are standard examples. This distortion in the head region leads to a lot of diseases. Flat-faced cats with such skulls are also known as brachycephalic cats and out of many mutations, feline dwarfism is the most common.

Another severe problem your cat may encounter is the difficulty in breathing. They have an interloped face that results in a small space for the nostrils. It results in nasal blockages and hence breathing obstructions occur.

One thing you must know about the flat face cats is that they snore a lot. It can be a headache for you if you are a light person.

Again, due to smaller and pushed-in faces, they are also prone to dental issues like teeth overcrowding and plagues. Therefore, proper maintenance and regular checkups are crucial for such pets.

The first thing you may notice in these cats except for hair is their eyes. They are more projected out than the non-flat face cats and are more susceptible to dust and other infections. Which is why their eyes need regular cleaning and care.

When pet-owners are pre-informed with these probabilities, they are more concerned and careful. It can protect the pet and also reduce the chances of any in all infections. Also, when people are educated about the flat-faced cats’ issues, they are ready to take their pets to the veterinarian whenever a symptom appears.

Many cat breeds have flat faces. Flushed faces make them look more graceful and attractive and that is why they are quite famous around the globe. Some of these breeds are:

Check These 7 Flat Face Cat Breeds

British shorthair cats

They are of British origin and have senescence of almost twenty years. The hair coat is dense and they weigh around 22 lbs. These flat-faced cats are quite friendly.

They don’t require much grooming in socializing. They like people and enjoy an audience. Also, unlike many other breeds, they are quite comfortable with other pets in the house.

Persian cats

Wherever you go the pet you will see will probably be a Persian cat. Two main reasons contributing to their wide dissemination is their eyes and their look, especially the hair.

They have long hair and are short-heighted. Licking their hair can be a problem here and hence proper grooming and maintenance are required. These cats are sensitive and can act up if they are provoked. They like to be cuddled with but are not friendly with strangers.

Burmilla cat

Their faces are not exactly flat. They are also British in origin and have both long and short hair so the grooming requirements vary for them. It is not a pure breed but a hybrid of Chinchilla Persian and Burmese cats.

Resultantly, they have a round-to-flat face and a skeletal body. They are known to be profoundly intelligent and that is why are quite good with grooming and playing practices.

Himalayan cats

These cats are physiologically similar to Persian cats. The difference between these breeds is that these cats can live up to 15 years maximally. Also, comparatively, they are much more friendly and sweet than the Persian cats. However, they are quite finicky about their audience.

British longhair cats

As clear from the name, these flat-faced cats have long hair. It makes the pet prone to hair licking and hence subjected to proper and regular grooming. They are comfortable with traveling, which is rare for cats.

This feature makes it a must-have pet. Also, they are healthy naturally and are only prone to obesity, which means they need less care than other breeds.

Exotic shorthair cats

These are of American origin and live up to 14 years. They are either available in medium or large sizes and weigh 8-15 lbs. These cats are sharp and strong both mentally and physically.

They are one of the active cat breeds but are quite calmer and snore less. When they are not in the mood to play, they prefer to be loved. They like cuddling and soft playing and enjoy the attention.

Munchkin cats

These are the smaller cats and are loved by pet owners, particularly for their short height and small legs. As they don’t grow in size they are known as ‘eternal kittens’. These cats have a collection of the best traits.

They are friendly, outgoing, sweet-tempered, active, and loyal. One thing people love about munchkins is their ability to do a back roll. These cats like to practice it usually and are hence the center of affection.

Flat face cats are common in the pet world and have a lifespan of 15 years on average. But with proper care, they can live up to 20 years or more. On the contrary, if the owner is not aware of the pushed-in skull, these cats are harder to maintain.

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