Cat are kept as pets in most of the houses and most of the domestic cats have origins that relate to African Wildcats and over the course of the years, cats have dispersed their breeds and origins all over the world and now there are breeds and types of cats from all over the world and all of them are better than the other. All the breeds of cats are different from one another in appearance and have their own different and unique qualities that are liked by people. The most noticeable trait is the physical appearance of the cat which includes its build and size. Many people like small cats and many like big giant cat breeds that most resemble a tiger.

The largest domestic giant cat breeds

 Savannah Cat

The cat that comes on number one in the category of giant cat breeds is the Savannah Cat. It is said to be the largest domestic cat breed in the world. It is a mixture of the domestic cats mostly Siamese with African wildcat. It is around the size of a small dog and weighs around 25 pounds which is just too much for a cat.

 Maine Coon

Maine Coon is another domestic giant cat breed but it does not have the same origins as the Savannah cat. They are friendly and loyal in behavior and weigh around 15 pounds. Its shape is lean and long instead of being tall.


Chausie is very rare in some parts of the world especially the United Kingdom but some people that really like this cat go as far as to get it imported from France just so they can have this certain breed of cat as a pet. They are very expensive cats because of its rarity and physical appearance. It usually weighs around 18-20 pounds.


Ragdoll is a very large cat with very long hairs because of which it looks even bigger than it already is. They are very peaceful and quiet cat and are very good partners for people that like to live alone. Their weight usually alternates between 10-15 pounds.


This cat is another relative of the Ragdoll and is very common in physical appearance and habits. It has a very strong build and dense muscles that take some time to develop properly. It takes time for the Ragamuffin to reach its full size and gain the complete adult weight which is around 15 pounds.


The Siberian cat has origins in Russia and is very good for people that suffer from some type of allergies because it produces some type of protein which is very good for people with allergies. This cat ahs a sturdy build and a strange physical appearance but liked the same nonetheless by people all over the globe. the weight of the cat is usually around 12-15 pounds which fluctuates for men and women. This cat is very famous as a giant cat breed.


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