Who doesn’t like having pets? Especially when they are little fur balls of pure joy. Yes you are right we are gushing over having cats as a pet. While it is a great responsibility it is really fun to have them around as well. Cats just like all other animals have a number of  different breeds of cats  One of these breeds is what is commonly known as the grey cat breed. It can also be called the Russian blue breed. Before we get into the details of it lets go through some basic information about them. They typically weigh about twelve pounds and are normally around ten inches tall. Their colors vary from a light silver to a deep and dark grey.

They are and ideal companion for human because they are smart and loving and definitely a very good company. They are the best choice for you if you are looking for a pet which does not demand really high maintenance. It is understandable that due to our life routines we have very little time for our pets so we want them to be easy going. Even if you are getting a pet for the first time grey cat breeds are a good choice.

They have some very distinct features and characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the breeds. They have a very plush grey coat of hair. They are extremely affectionate and quite gentle. They might be initially shy with strangers but once they get familiar with you they are quite friendly. They are very playful and entertaining. While getting a pet it is a very common concern amongst everyone of how it will be wike to live with a pet.

Important About Grey Breed

The same goes for cats but if you are getting a grey breed cat then you need not worry. This breed gets attached to their families as soon as they realize that the people are their family. This process is also very quick because they are a very smart breed. They do take a little time fitting in with strangers but once the shyness goes away they are nothing but joyous creatures. If youre planning to keep this breed as a pet it is important for you to know that they do not like a lot of changes in their daily routine or their environment.

So you should not try to change their space every now and then and just let them be around the house. They are very clean creatures and are like having clean litter boxes. It is easy to train them. They may be generally quite but are very smart. They ae quite independent so if you just let them go around as they like they will not bother you one single bit. One thing which should particularly be taken care of is their litter boxes because if they are not clean they will just eliminate somewhere else which you might not like very much.

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