how long can cats go without food

Are you worried how long can cats go without food? By comparing to the other pets, the cats are comparatively peaceful animals. For the cat’s lovers, this is highly efficient and suitable. The majority of the people like to keep a variety of the cats at their home with other pets and kids. But the major problem about these cats is that these need special care and health issues. On the other hand, some of the breeds are not cooperative and hospitable for your guests. Due to their unfriendly nature, it gets difficult to handle them. Related to their grooming, it needs to be more careful.

Why does a cat refuse to eat?

In some cases, cats can go without eating. It is a common fact that cat lives up maximum two weeks without taking food. It can survive for two weeks without food but with water. But without drinking water, it can survive only few days. It is very important to take it to the vet immediately for the checkup. Cat survives much longer without water and food. Due to several health issues, Cats leave eating. One of the important problem is Hepatic lipidosis.

What is Hepatic lipidosis?

It can suffer from hepatic lipidosis due to starvation of two weeks. This issue resolves as long as cat begins eating food. Due to the hepatic lipidosis pain cat refuses to eat. It is called a fatty liver disorder. It is the excessive production of fat in the liver. If it is not treated then it leads and progresses to biliary tract dysfunction and liver dysfunction. It can cause death of cat as well. There are two types of the hepatic lipidosis. In the first type cat does not eat without any reason. It is due to stress such as companion’s death, new animal in the house, moving, change of diet and others. It happens due to some breeds of cats that are sensitive.

The secondary HL exists in the result of the body condition or preexisting disease such as cholangiohepatitis, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal disease and diabetes.

Properties of cats who can suffer from stress in future

Always get information about the cat’s breed to know how long can cat go without food. The special breeds are admired at the top level due to the peaceful nature and less care. Some of the important properties of the breed are given below. It will help you in getting sufficient knowledge about them.

⦁ They are calm and cooperative when these are mature.

⦁ Due to talking infrequently and an easy going nature they are completely adorable for the majority of the pet lovers.

⦁ With their owners, these cats become attached due to affectionate nature.

⦁ These cats are highly adaptable because these are sharp learner that is why it is very easy to train them.

⦁ These cats are very comfortable to keep in the small homes because they do not any special care.

⦁ They will not require sitting in your lap all the time. Their preference is to sit beside you.

⦁ The shorthairs love to welcome your guests in an innovative way because their requirement is only a delicate treatment. This is the reason these cats become the friends of the kids very easily.

⦁ You can keep all size dogs, birds and rabbits with these cats.

⦁ These are energetic cats but are not famous for acrobats. Due to their clumsy attitude sometimes these cats need to be kept in a room. They may create problems for owners because they do not know how long can cats go without eating?

⦁ These are very easy to keep because these cats do not need any specific health care because these do not have any health issues.


It is an infection that can cause to live a cat without food. They may suffer from the loss of appetite. The FIP in cats is extremely harmful as per the health issue. You must need a proficient program to eliminate it from your surroundings completely. It is a fatal disease that is transmitted through the virus feline coronavirus. The virus transmitted through their respiratory system through breath due to direct contact of mouth, nose and saliva from the infected body. It is very important and it should be done through an expert health control system. The home remedies or simple ways are not as much proficient and reliable to get rid of them. It needs to take the reliable services of a professional physician to get rid of the disease forever.

Symptoms There are two types of the infection in the cats and almost the young cats are the prey of the virus of about 3 years.


⦁ Weight loss

⦁ Appetite loss

⦁ Fever

⦁ Infected lungs produce problems in breathing

⦁ Fluid development produces distention of abdomen

Dry Form of infection:

⦁ Organ failure, nervous system, liver, pancreas, kidney and eyes

⦁ Weight loss

⦁ Depression

⦁ Loss of appetite

⦁ Fever

This harmful virus produces the disorder of damaging the liver and kidney. It is the source to inhale or handle the scat. The complications can be occurred due to it in the functions of the liver and kidney or the failure of the organs. The major harm of the virus and their presence is to create cardiovascular problems. It can be harmful for the life further.


You must consult the specialist for treating it. Your cat’s specialist will guide you how long can cats go without food. It is a harmful situation for your cat. By treating this health issue, your cat will start eating. The vaccine is available that can help them in prevention. All the authentic vaccine control companies offer the dependable control services of disorders and infections in cats for the convenience of the clients. It provides them a long lasting and rapid relief from the issue. The efficient service delivers the most eligible and the reliable services by using the innovative and modern techniques. These are useful and more effective as compared to the olden ways. These viruses are grown and fed on the human food that present in their home. They are behind the damage the food and spread germs in them. It causes many health problems in the man.

Preventions from the infections:

⦁ Keeping your cat inside will provide complete protection

⦁ Do not allow them to get out of the house for protecting them from the FIP virus

⦁ Using the vaccine for this purpose at the right time will help you a lot in this way.

⦁ Try to keep separate the infected cat to the others

⦁ Avoid using harmful things to remove the infection. There are plenty of drugs are available in the market that are manufactured for getting rid of the health issues in cats. The side effect of these drugs is that they can be harmful for your pets as well. These drugs should be used through safe hands.

Cat in Heat

An un sprayed cat female becomes sexually mature in the duration of 6 to 12 months. The maturity of the cat depends on the diet or the material on which a cat is fed on. A house cat contains the luxury of food and the lavish life as compared to the feral cat. It means when a feral cat is in the breeding season in the early autumn and spring, a house cat in heat at any time. In this situation, the cat’s attitude is alarming and recognizable. It is very important to guess whether your cat is in problem or not.

Ways to recognize cat in heat

There are many ways that are helpful for you.

⦁ Behavioral signs

⦁ Check cat’s reproductive cycle

The above mentioned are the two major parts of which you can recognize the reason why cat do not eat food.

⦁ Calling style

Their calling style changes in cats during heat or breeding procedure. The female cats start walking frequently or strolling in the house vocalizing or wailing. The style of voice is loud, distressed cry and plaintive. Calling is another term that is used for recognizing the problem.

⦁ Check their Restless behavior

During the calling, the restlessness is another key to recognizing the cat’s heating problem.

⦁ Increased affection

Cats start rubbing its cheeks to your ankle and furniture. It shows affection and tries to touch you through rubbing its body against your legs. Its body odor changes subtly during the procedure.

⦁ Pay attention to cat’s tail

The tail deflection reflex shows that cat is ready to breed. It is the major symptom that guides about the inner heating condition of the cat.

⦁ Commando Crawling

It is an obvious symptom in the cats that they are mature for breeding procedure.

⦁ Watch for rolling

Rolling on the floor and wailing at the same time is the obvious way to recognize the cats in heating.

⦁ Excessive licking

The vulva of the cats gets swollen and they are conscious about the breeding procedure. It starts licking the body extraordinarily. Check it continuously when your cat is in trouble.

⦁ Cat Disappears

Expect from your cat that it can disappear anytime.

⦁ Check gestures cycle

⦁ Check role of season

⦁ Get the knowledge of time frame

Reasons why cats do not eat food

Cats stops eating due to stomach issues. There are a few side effects that felines have during their breeding seasons. It relies on upon the circumstance of the felines and the time of the pregnancy. Here are a few manifestations of the feline’s pregnancy that will direct you about the pregnancy of the feline.

⦁ A heat cycle starts in the feline for ten days and stops naturally. It is an undeniable indication of the feline’s pregnancy

⦁ Swelling of areolas and gets to be rosier

⦁ Vomiting and the morning infection in the cat is the indication of pregnancy

⦁ Enlargement of the stomach area

⦁ There are distinctive sorts of identity changes in the felines come in front

⦁ Maybe your feline gets to be delicate with you and necessities your consideration

⦁ Cats get bothered at little things

⦁ Seeking the private zones is the propensity for the felines amid the incubation time frame for felines.

⦁ Asking for eating extraordinary things or exaggerate from numerous things

Food for cat

Continuously encourage them during pregnancy. Try not to give them the food that is unsafe for them. Some behavioral effects can stop them from eating. How long can cat go without food? A little carelessness can be the danger of their life and also the cats. For the most part, the felines get to be lethargic in their pregnancy. They don’t care to move around, particularly in the season of the late or full grown pregnancy. It is vital for them that they should be bolstered the sound thing that can build their vitality level. Boosting up their vitality the nourishment assumes the imperative part in the pregnancy of the felines.

How to save your cats from infections?

Infections and unhygienic situations can ruin your cat’s health. It can disturb their health due to which they leave eating food. In some cases, cats want to lie lazily on the floor. Do not worry why a cat won’t eat.

⦁ For protecting them diseases and germs keep the cats at home.

⦁ Although these are not as much delicate but these cats require a delicate attitude

⦁ Due to the small hair brush their coat weekly

⦁ They are anything but difficult to mind in view of little hide they require less to brush.

⦁ For keeping those from the periodontal ailment these felines need to brush their teeth.

⦁ Nail trimming is an unquestionable requirement in 15 days.

⦁ For expelling any release from the sides of the eyes wipe delicately with a wet material.

⦁ For keeping those from eye disease utilize a different fabric for wiping the release.

Grooming cats is very easy for the users because it does not need to comb daily. The shorthair and thick coat do not need special care. These are very easy to care because they do not have any health problem.

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