Cat is a carnivorous mammal. It is the cutest and innocent, domestic animal. Cats are categorized as wild and domestic cats. We all love cats, both domestic and wild. Everyone wants to keep a cat in his house and most of the people keep them in their house, pet them and take care of them. Such indoor cats or pet cats are called house cats. Such cats develop a unique companionship or bonding with their owner. Thus, cats are valued by humans because of their unique bond or some kind of friendship to them. They differ in sizes. Our pets give us so much pleasure. The research has shown they do us a great amount of good health-wise too. There are a number of breeds of cats around the globe. Some breeds of cats include small cats while some includes large cats. There are number of large cat breeds that might be not big as Cheetah, Lions and Jaguars, but they are far bigger than the size of pet cat.

The breed of cats includes following two large cat breeds;

Wild cats and the Hybrid Cat breeds;

Wild Cats

Other than indoor or house cats, there are Wild cats which are the large breed cats. There are many wild large breed cats which are bigger than the size of small breed cats, such as, Cheetahs and lions. Normally they are very dangerous to be kept in house as pets. Because they have long, strong canine teeth which can probably tear any fleshy object in front of them. Also, they are not as friendly to humans as other cat breeds. Some range of wild cats is found in Europe region of the world. As Large breed cats especially, wild cats are very fastly going towards their extinction phase. Because people feel threat from them and tend to kill them if a wild cat ever comes in front of them. Wild cats are, considered as the endangered species. Wild cats differ on the basis of their structures and geographical regions. As the wildcats of Africa have black furry strips on their bodies. Tigers are the biggest example of African Wild cats. Whereas, Asian wildcats have black spots on their fur as Jaguars and Cheetah’s have.


Hybrid Cat breed:

There are of course hundreds of different breeds of cat in the world. The domestic cats that we know and love today are all historically belong to African wildcats. Hybrid breed cats are the perfect example of those cats which genetically breeds with wild cats and are considered as domestic cats. Hybrid cat breeds have both the qualities of a domestic cat and of wild cats. They carry a larger portion of genes of wildcats. Hybrid cats are the large cat breeds which are larger in size. They include Savannah, Toyger cats, Feral cats, Stray cats and many more.

Savannah cats

belongs to the newest breeds of cats. It comes under the category of large breed cats. It is the hybrid of a domestic cat with African serval. They are very intelligent and bond strongly with their owners, especially with children.

savannah cats


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