Perfect diet & healthy nutrition for large domestic cat breeds

Large domestic cat breeds are the best. They are the perfect little pet one can own and add a lot of color into your lonely life. Many people treat cats to be a permanent member of their family and household. They really deserve to be treated in this manner too because these little creatures are very compassionate, loving and warm. The best way to care for your little pet cats is by taking care about their feed. If you own a larger sized cat, you need to care for its diet and nutrition, even more, to ensure that it stays in good health and shape.

Healthy diet for large domestic cat breeds

Cats love to be pampered and cared for. If you want to make your big friend feel loved and adored – take care of its diet. Here are a few things that should be a necessary part of your cat’s nutrition if you want it to stay in good health and develop in the right way as well.


Protein including red meat, chicken, chicken bones, mince, and lamb are definitely a great choice of diet to make for your cats. According to recent research, it has been proved that more than 80% of a domestic cat’s diet should comprise of rich and high content proteins.

No Grains

Grains like barley, wheat and rice mess with the digestive system of cats. Your domestic cat will definitely find it very hard to digest grainy foods and this is why you should definitely abstain from feeding them such things. Cats naturally have a very weak digestive system and feeding them thing that will directly mess with the digestion is not the best choice to make.

No artificial coloring or flavors

Like humans, domestic cats also become accustomed to a specific lifestyle. Artificial food flavors, preservatives, and colors cause serious allergic reactions in cats. This is why the one thing that is repeatedly emphasized on is to feed your cat clean and pure things that are minimally processed.

Seafood diet

Whilst it is generally believed that seafood is a great meal option for cats – this is not true. Seafood like fish, prawns, fish bones, tuna, and shrimps are definitely not the best choice for cats to make. These days the sea and ocean water is contaminated and full of toxins. Since sea animals’ inhale and exhale in this water, their system also becomes contaminated. If you feed this to your cat, it will develop health diseases more easily.

Occasional treats for large domestic cat breeds

The one thing to remember when planning diet plans for your cat is to include occasional treats. Large domestic cat breeds have a big appetite and this is why staying on a controlled diet can be very difficult for them. If you love your cat, don’t make life difficult for them. Treat them occasionally to cheat foods like chocolates, fruits, and nuts etc. This is the only way to ensure they do not feel deprived.

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