Things to Know About Urine Away For Cats

Urine away for cats

Are you fed up of the smell or spots of urine of your cat in the corner of your room? Your pet is new and not trained to go out to urinate? Then why not to use the solutions that remove all the smell and stains of the urine from the specific location. There are a number of products available in the market. Try to see high quality product like Urine away for cats. The solution is reliable and one can drop the liquid at affected area to remove the annoying smell. When you buy or going to buy such items you must know the properties, ingredients, usage indication and everything so that you may not get any harm from the chemicals present in odor removing agents.


  • The solutions remove all type of odor even tackle the smell of urine created due to high protein diet
  • The powerful solutions have the ability to remove the stain of fresh and old urine
  • Even the products work efficiently on surfaces that are previously treated with chemicals or detergents.
  • Best for both hard and soft surfaces
  • Safe for pets and humans
  • Non-biodegradabale
  • Non toxic
  • Non-irritant
  • The solutions usually contain enzymatic agents that react with urea in the urine and dissolve to remove all odor as well as stains
  • Usually, no pretreatment is required.

How to use?

You can use the sprays or solutions on both hard and soft surfaces. Each formula comes with special direction to use.

Shake well before using the solution

Use directly on the surface. The solutions must not be diluted in water or mix with other odor removing solutions. This is because this may reduce the reaction power of each solution

If there is urine present, try to remove the urine with a towel or another wiping tool.

After removing excess liquid spray or drop the solution at affected areas

Let it dry

Remove the residue by sprinkling water

At the end blot it with a dry towel.

For older stains and odor apply the solution for two to three days to

completely remove all annoying stains and odors.

Stain removing from carpets underlay

The procedure to removes stains from carpet is somewhat different. Spray or drop the solution at the affected area. After that cover with the plastic thin film. After a few minutes remove the film and then collect residue with a towel.

Removing odors from fabrics and carpets

In order to remove from these affected areas, you have to soak that particular area with the solution for a few minutes until all the odor and stain is removed. After soaking let it dry and then remove residue. Do not mix in water as the dilution may reduce its effect. Don’t try to use any shampoo after stain removing as it may create color staining at that area.

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