what breed is my cat

Many people in the world ask this question to themselves that what breed is my cat? This is a frequently asked question by cat owners because vats are usually just picked up or saved from somewhere and kept as a pet because they are generally very safe animals. Having a purebred cat is something to be proud of because taking purebred cats into competitions and showing off their beauty is a thing nowadays and people even host such events by themselves to show off their purebred cat. But what about the other cats that are not at all purebred and have no paper to tell what origins they have what crossbreed they were made from because it is very hard to determine.

What Breed is my Cat?

Cats can be identified by their physical appearance their build, their coat lengths, hair color and patterns because most of the noticeable and famous cats have very specific and easily recognized traits and by identifying all this, at the most, a cat can be generalized in to a cat breed.

Siamese Cats

The Siamese cats have short hair that looks like its shorn off close to the skin, blue eyes and color paint coat patterns that are easily identifiable. The Modern Siamese have long heads. These traits can answer the question of many people that they ask; what breed is my cat?

Persian Cats

Persian cat breeds are probably the most famous cats in the world and usually the most liked one because they are very pretty because of their long hair. They have a very long coat and the general Persian look, the large round eyes and an exceptionally short nose. The Persians have identification that they have a flat face.

Himalayan Cat

The Himalayans have the same build and coat length as the Persians but their coat patterns are different. Their coat pattern is pointed in some places which makes it differ from the Persians.

Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon is very large cats that have very long, silky and coarse hair. Their hair is their best quality. Maine Coon come in all color patterns except for pointed one. They are very ay to identify because of their dense hair and sometimes tufts of hair on the tips of their ears.

Russian Blue Cats

They have a very unique and famous bluish short coat which looks almost gray. Along with the blue coat, they have bright green eyes which make them very beautiful. Russian blues are very famous because of its blue coat.

The entire breed mentioned above have some famous trait that is easily identifiable and is in the knowledge of the people all over the world. People can identify their own cats and know what breed is my cat without doing any investigation or going to the vet because sometimes the vet is also not able to identify the exact breed and the just usually tell a generalized breed based on these traits.

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