black cat with blue eyes

When they are blue eyes in black cats it always seems wonderful, and they seem to bring more special flashes.

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In fact, the blue cat’s eye comes from two sets of genes: one limiting the expression of colors to a specific body area, and the other containing dominant white genes that obscure color.

The blue color of the cat’s eyes is due to the presence of special pigment cells, the melanocytes, in the iris. There are two irises containing melanocytes, the outer layer containing loosely packed melanocytes, and the inner layer closest to the back of the eye is an epithelium with dense melanocytes.

How an eye color is developed?

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The number of melanocytes in the matrix is ​​correlated with the color of the eye, the number of melanocytes is high, the brown eyes/copper eyes are produced, and the little melanocytes produce green eyes, and pigmented cells rarely produce blue eyes.

Absolutely no melanocytes cause red eyes. Blue eyes can range in color from light blue to dark blue.

All cats have blue eyes when they are born, and if they want to change the color, they will be about 8 weeks old.

It’s always good to keep a black cat in a confined space at any time, but this is especially important in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

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Unfortunately, there are still people who will take advantage of the opportunity to express their ignorance and aggression against poor black cats. Therefore, it is best for all concerned to keep cats safe at home.

Black cats make wonderful pets like any other color cat. Unfortunately, they are still the target of superstition in many countries.

What controls the eye color?

Different genes control the color of the coat and eye, so the melanocytes found in the hair are more active (or less) than the melanocytes in the eye.

Therefore, black cats have pale eyes, but the original orange Persian can have dark copper eyes. The only exception to this rule is the white cat. Because epistatic white genes predominate and hide other colors, white cats are more likely to be blue than other colorblind cats.

How eye color seems blue?

Did you know that when you look directly at the transparent glass, the glass window looks very clear, but it looks blue or green on the edge? This is because the light is broken through a clear surface.

The same applies to blue-eyed cats: they do not contain pigmented cells in the iris, and because the eyes are round, the light breaks down on the circular surface and produces a blue eye color in the eyes of the cats.

Intense eye colors in cats

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Since local cats are cultured to meet the criteria of a particular breed, which usually includes the color of the eye, breeders choose to include a more intense color or a certain color of the cat.

For example, the standard strain of Bombay cats needs copper eyes. Tonkinese is black cats with blue eyes.

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