grey and white cat

There are infinite breeds of cats available in the world in all colors and sizes. But only a few of them are a prized as the others. Cats are the most favorite pet to have besides a dog and people all over the world have cats in their houses even if the cat I not a pet but mostly it is. Some people even have more than one cat or a pair. There are many people that resort to living a single life with only pets as companion. A good breed cat is a very great pet to have because they are good friends and give you company. Cats are considered to be very proud creatures and often are thought of as having a lot of attitude and demanding. But people like cats nonetheless and majority of the population in the world would like to have a cat as a pet. grey and white cat are very common but a good and  grey cat breeds pure breed is hard to find.

Grey and White cat Breeds:

British Shorthair

It is a gray cat which originated from the United Kingdom and has a lifespan of over 12-15 years. They are said to be easygoing, loyal and patient. They are not hypo allergic and weigh about 20 pounds.


It is a 14 pound cat which originated from Iran (Persia) and hence the name. It is a white cat breeds and has a lifespan of almost fifteen years. Persian cat breeds are probably the most famous cats in the world and also the most in demand too because they are very beautiful, gentle, loyal and sensitive. They usually weigh around 14 pounds.

Devon Rex

It is a very playful, social and loyal cat. It weighs around only 10 pounds and hence is very small in size and quick. It has a lifespan of 14-15 years. They originated from the United Kingdom.

Norwegian Forest

It is a both grey and white cat and is very famous and beautiful. It is a very loving and intelligent cat and very quickly picks up on things. It originated from Norway and is not hypo-allergic. It weighs about 16 pounds.

Scottish Fold

It is a very pretty and small cat and has a mix grey and white cat. It is so small that it can usually fit in the palm of a hand and it is liked a lot by people because it is very affectionate, loyal and playful. It only weighs about 11 pounds. It originated from United Kingdom.

Egyptian Mau

This cat has the longest lifespan of over eighteen to twenty years and is only liked by people with peculiar tastes because it is not that pretty like the Persian and the Norwegian Forest but is equally famous. It originated from Egypt and is very agile, loyal and intelligent. It usually weighs around 14 pounds and is not hypo-allergic and is a grey and white cat mix color breed.

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