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Are you a cat person? We know your problem. It’s difficult to decide on famous cat names for your kitten or cat. Normally, we prefer the most common name that we used to hear.

famous cat names

But for those who want a name for their cat that is unique is a bit challenging. Cats are one of the cutest and cleverest animals on the planet.

So, the name of your cat must be fitted with its intelligence. One more important thing that you should keep in mind, the name that you are going to choose for your cat should be matched with the gender.

But from now, you don’t have to worry about this challenging task. We got your back. Here are some of the Famous and Unique names that will be a perfect match for your fluffy cat.

20 + Famous Male Cat Names

Here are these famous male cat names for your kittens so, now you don’t have to spend a lot of time finding a name for your cat.

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Famous Cat Names

To collect the famous cat names all around the world, we have done a lot of research and ultimately found a good number of famous cat names. So without further due, let’s get to the list.

  • Oliver
    This is the most famous name for cats around the world. You probably know some cats with this name. This name is used for male kittens. According to research, every 7th cat has the name, Oliver.
  • Bella
    This name is associated with the popular movie series “Twilight.” It is an Italian word, which means “Beautiful.” That’s why people love to call their cats Bella. This name is used for female cats.
  •  Simba
    This Name is taken from the Swahili language, which is mostly spoken in African Countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, etc. It means “Lion.” When you hear this name, the first thought that comes to your mind is Lion because of the Movie name “The Lion King.” Male cats used to have this name.
  •  Chloe
    VPI is an organization that conducted a survey in 2010. They rated this cat name Number 1 according to their results. Female cats used to have this name. This remains one of the top female cat names for several years.
  • Luna
    Cats are more like the moon, beautiful and silent. That’s why this name is on this list. It is a Spanish word that means “Moon,” and that makes this name so popular for cats nowadays. You can use this name for female cats.
  • Max
    You probably heard this name several times. This name is very common even for dogs and kids as well. This is the short form of Maxwell or Maximilian. The male cats should have this name.
  • Lucy
    In 2008, Lucy was the most popular name around the world and continued to be in the top cat name list for several years. Even now, you can easily find a cat having this name. You can name your female cat Lucy
  • Nala
    This name comes from Disney World. As we mentioned above, “The Lion King,” Nala is the Queen of Simba. This inspired most of the people, and this name is getting famous for female cats.
  • Coco
    This name looks funny and perfectly fits on a cat. This name is popular in China and North America and becomes the 3rd most popular name for cats. Both male and female cats can have this name.
  • Charlie
    In the late 19th century, this name was a sensation and most popular in the United States. But with time, this name lost its charm. But even now, you can find the cats named Charlie easily. This name is reserved for male cats.
  • Smokey
    This name has no time limitations. It is being used from the early 19th century and reserved exclusively for grey cats. Not even other pets can take this name. Both male and female cats can have this name.
  • Tiger
    Famous cartoon series “Winnie the Pooh” has a cat character named Tiger, and this inspires the people to use this name for their cats, especially for orange ones. Male cats are specific for this name.
  • Simon
    This name is taken from the ancient Hebrew language and gained popularity with time. This Classic name is perfect for male cats.
  • Jasmine
    The origin of this name is Persia. The association of this name is found with the fragrant flowering plant Jasmine. The female cats of Asia are famous for this name.
  • Ruby
    If you have a female cat, you should consider this name. This is an old-fashioned and classic name particularly used for red and orange female cats.
  • Toby
    This is an ancient name from England that appeared in the Old Testament. The name gain popularity in England in recent years for male cats.
  • Felix
    This name gains huge popularity after the iconic Felix cat debuts in 1919 in a cartoon series. First, this was used for boys but later assigned to the male cats. In the late ’90s, it gains popularity in North America, but now it is commonly used in European Countries.
  • Shadow
    If your cat really follows you like a shadow, then this would be a perfect match for your cat’s name.

30 Female Cat Names

Here is the list of 30 best female cat names.


If you notice, you will find out that most of the trending names came from a famous event or character, like Oliver is a classic character from a TV series. Bella is from the Movie Twilight, Nala and Simba are taken from Disney’s movie “The Lion King.”

The same culture is for food. People usually use the name of different biscuits like CoCo. They use the name of nature like a storm.

Most of the time, the name is based on the cat’s personality. If you have a grey cat, Smokey should be the name. Red female cats are perfect for the name Ruby.

If you have any concerns regarding the famous cat names you can feel free to comment or contact us.


When choosing a name for your cat, it should be unique and matches the personality of your cat. A famous cat name should be the best choice for you.

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