The pattern

White cats are often named as the Tuxedo cats. These cats are beautiful cats with a color pattern on their body to define them. The color pattern most of these cats have is white in color. The fur is pure white, and it is most common in the chest and stomach areas. The chin and neck do have white fur, but it is not that much thick. Some white cat breeds have loads of fur on their feet. The white cat breeds often have black color patches, but the most common pattern on the white cat is white. Sometimes black pattern does appear on the different part of the body of white cat breeds.

No recognized breeds

White cat breeds are hard to find. There are no breeds that can confirm breed a white cat breed. That is why researchers don’t name this cat breed to be recognized. According to research over the years white cat breeds or tuxedo cat breeds can sometimes happen to born between Cornish Rex and Persian cat breeds. American Shorthairs are also known for given birth to white cat breeds. But still, the breeding of white cats can’t be hundred percent predicted since these color get patches. A pure white color is hard to come by it can only be predicted when the kitten is few months old.

Famous Cats

These white cat breeds have been famous in the past. There were not only famous but has been the companion of the people which changed the era and thinking style of the people. White cat breeds were loved by the William Shakespeare and Beethoven. The two legends which changed the culture of language and music. It is also confirmed that Clinton’s used to have white cat breeds in the white house. The cat used to roam around the white house during the peak work hours and was adored by the staff. The famous play Sylvester was written by the person who was behind the Looney Toons. These cats are still companion of many powerful families.

Their Genetics

According to the scientist, these cats don’t have a high dominant white color genetics. These cats genes are known as Piebald. That is a reference to the irregularity in their color. It is why the there color pattern is not confirmed, but some specific parts of the cat’s body can be pinpointed for the white fur. It is also confirmed these cats have most Fur and their body is covered with the color pattern they have with a large amount of fur.

They are Family cats

These cats are family cats. There are always ready to play with their owners. Many white breed cats develop the habit of sleeping with their owners. They often sleep on the bed of their owners or the pillow side of their owner. White cat breeds also respond to the owner call most. They are not scared from the owner and would jump readily to play with them.


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