Snow Bengal Kittens

In this article, we are going to talk about the beautiful snow Bengal kittens in detail. You are going to get the interesting information about these wonderful felines and you will also come to know about the myths and facts about the breed. Let’s have a look at the topic.

The brief History

The most important thing that you have to know about them is that they are the hybrid of the Asian Leopard cats and the domestic cats. It is said that many people are involved in their development. A well-known person Jean Sugden aimed to breed this cat and he also cared a lot to keep the temperament of the domestic cat and he was successful in achieving al this.

The Physical Appearance and the Bengal Marking on the Skin

The most exciting and the wonderful thing about the snow Bengal kittens is that they have the amazing coat. It is not only very shiny and beautiful but it is very soft as well and it shines in the sunlight giving them an impressing look. A glitter is also present that saturates through every shaft present in the hair.

The Colors and the Patterns

There are two main patterns present in the fur. The most common pattern is the spotted and the swirly marble pattern and it is tri-colored. You will find this pattern in many shades and the marking of this pattern is very unique.

The tri-color is very unique and each spot is outlined with the darker color. This pattern makes is similar to the Jaguars and the spots are also similar to the Leopard.

Size and Other Physical Features

These kittens are usually large in size and they grow up and get the weight which is about 5-15 Lbs. the female weight is 8-12 Lbs. You will also find some cats that are larger in size and also smaller that are mentioned there. so do not be more concerned about the weight of your kitten if it is below or above the mentioned weights.

The head of the Bengal Kitten is small in size as compared to the rest of the body. The ears are small and they are representing their wild cat reminiscent. You will find a thumbprint on their ears and there is also a patch where the fur is less. They have a clear M on their forehead and they are very strong as well. Despite all these, they are very slim and athletic in nature. The back legs are usually long as compared to the front legs and it can be easily noticed when they are standing in a particular position.

The Behavior of the Kittens

The most interesting thing is that these kittens are not born to sit calmly in your lap yet they are very naughty and they will make you angry if you are an inexperienced and nervous keeper of these kittens. They are very intelligent and they can kept a lot of things in their mind.

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