American Short Hair Cat Breed | Facts and Characteristics 2022

American shorthair cat, commonly adopted house cat, is a medium-sized cat with a beautiful posture. They’ve medium build type, temperament, and aren’t hyperactive. This American Short Hair Cat Breed is perfect for those who enjoy playing with their cats, particularly in their lap rather than face.

These cats have quiet voices and are known for their malleable temperament. Most importantly, it’s very easy to train these cats. They’re sociable and adjust easily to other pets. These cats are known as working cats; thus, they make good friends in strength, vitality, and health.

American Short Hair Cat Breed | Facts and Characteristics 2022

Furthermore, these cats tend to spend a lot more time with a person they love. They can use a paper ball to spend happy moments. When they get older, they become more active and playful. The best part about American shorthair cats is that they have great hunting skills. Thus, they enjoy capturing mice. In a nutshell, they can be a great outdoor hunter.

History of American Short Hair Cat

The origin of these cats is still unknown. No one knows about their first domestic adoption. However, it’s very much clear that these cats came with the European settlers. Particularly, these cats were first found in North America. Most importantly, none in North America has indigenous species to develop domestic cats.

According to the reports, domestic cats were found in the 1500s. In the New World, these cats were found in Jamestown, the first permanent British colony. Till the 1700s, these cats have managed to get their independence and became working members of American Society. They were considered the perfect mouse catcher.

American Short Hair has more attractive colors, body styles, and patterns. Furthermore, these cats have powerful muscles, hardy, strong jaws, and have good health. The beauty of American short hair has attracted Americans to adopt them as pets in the 1800s. At that time, these cats were named Shorthair, and then they were named Domestic Shorthair.

Most importantly, foreign breeds have affected the familiarity of American shorthair. The Angora and the Persian cats have outnumbered the popularity of the American shorthair cat. In the past, short hair cats were one of the most popular pets among Americans. These Cat Breeds are Friendly in Nature and love to make new Freinds.

Physical Attributes:

The attraction and the beauty of the shorthair cat have attracted pet lovers in different decades. Everything from its color to structure and pattern. Here are the physical attributes that attract every pet lover:


American shorthairs have a strong structure, and powerful, and solid muscles. Most importantly, they have a more powerful, well-developed chest, shoulders, and hindquarters. They are straight, back broad, and have more attraction than other cat breeds on the market.


These cats have a large heads and have a full cheeked faces with beautiful expressions on their face. They’re very sweet and post open expressions. The American Shorthair has a wide forehead that forms a smooth and moderately convex continuous curve. The expressions flow over the top of their head into their neck.

Most importantly, you won’t find any dome between their ears. They have a medium-length nose, and they have the same width. The best part is that their nose has a gentle curve rise from the bridge of the nose to their forehead.


American shorthair cats have medium-sized ears with beautifully rounded tips. Furthermore, the distance between ears is twice the distance between their eyes. The distance is measured from the lower inner corners.


The domestic cats have large and wide eyes. The upper lid of the eyes is shaped like half an almond in terms of length. On the other side, the lower lid is shaped perfectly with a rounded corner. The width of the eyes is equal to the distance between them. Most importantly, the outer eyes are a bit higher than the inner ones. In a nutshell, American shorthairs have clear, bright, and attractive eyes.

American Short Hair Cat Breed info

Paws and Legs:

The medium-length legs add value to the beauty of these domestic cats. These cats are heavily muscled and have strong bones. All legs and paws look parallel and straight. While, the paws are powerful, rounded, full, and have heavy pads.


The medium-sized tail looks more attractive and beautiful. These cats have a heavy base. The tail just makes this cat more beautiful.


The coat of the American shorthair cat protects them in the hard season, especially in winters. The coat is thick, short, and has a hard texture. Moreover, the texture might be different depending on the season and location. The coat also protects these cats from cold, skin injuries, and moisture.


Color is something that enhances the beauty of pets. American short hair cats have different colors and patterns. The pattern includes solid, smoke, shaded, bicolor, particolor, cameo, tortoiseshell, van, tabby, and while, classic tabby, mackerel tabby, and patched tabby.

Health of American Shorthair:

ASH might have many health issues depending on location and age. It’s a common myth, most diseases are caused due to age. Here are the common issues that may raise the health cost of the American Shorthair cat:


Obesity is one of the most common diseases that affect American Shorthairs. Obesity, sometimes, results in cat death and illness. Most importantly, these cats tend to gain more weight along with other diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and other death-causing diseases.

Dental Disease:

Like weight management disease, dental disease is yet another common chronic disease found in pets. Dental problems occur if a pet is not cared for well and their teeth are not cleaned well. The problem occurs because of food residue if they’re not brushed daily. The food residue might result in infection of the tooth roots and gums.


Worms and bugs can affect the healthy life of your American shorthair cat. Fleas, ticks, ear miles, and other types of worms can infect the ear and skin of your pet. Moreover, heartworms, whipworms, hookworms, and roundworms can enter Ash’s internal system through unhygienic water, bitten by a mosquito, or walking on contaminated soil.

Final Words

No doubt American short hair cat is one of the most attractive and smart cats. A pet lover will definitely love this breed of cat due to its sharpness and beauty.

We hope that we provided information about every single fact about these beautiful American cats.

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