Black cats are often feared

Some black cats impose a great amount of influence on the people who have not been in contact with the black cat breeds. Most of the time those people who get influenced by the presence of these breed cats are often scared due to some myth that is revolving around their family. Mostly fear is build due to some folklore which has been passed down for generations. On the other hand, those people who have black in the home often love these cats and take good care of them. Most of these black cat breed owners have never reported anything disturbing about such cat breeds. So those who fear and stay away from such breeds their fear is irrational.

  Black cat breeds have Folklores

The folklores originated when there were witches. The witches don’t have friends in those ages, and they were shunned away from the societies. In those times only these black cats were the only friends of those witches. Most experts and historians believe that people used to call these black cats as the spirits raised from the dead by the witches in the form of cats. Then witches were hunted down by the society, and they were killed by burning them on the wooden stake. These black breed cats were left unhurt. Nowadays who keep black hats people don’t consider them mage or witch anymore. Since this era is more educated than witch time, black cats are loved and adored by society.

 All Blacks cat breeds are not pure black

There are three fundamentally solid colors when it comes to cat breeds. These solid colors are white black and red. Those cats which are black white and red have the basic colors. All other colors are due to the mating of different color parents. There is a genetic code in the cats also. This code is very hard to understand. But the color of the cat can be sketched through the genetic code of the cat. According to the researchers, the cat which has a high ratio of black genes turns out to be black in color. Those cats which are considered to be pure black. The parents to that particular black cat breed are both blacks in colors as well as they have a high ratio of black genetic code.

 Black cats are full of Luck

Since there are there are many kinds of colors in the cat breeds. Some of the cultures also consider black cats as the lucky. In those cultures, these black cat breeds are often worshiped. The black cat breeds are considered as the royalties in the United Kingdom and Asia.  As the region of these countries change people, folklore might change about these black breed cats that are why different regions have different myths about these cats. Similar to all other cats black cats have all the rights to be pampered and taken care of since they are only animals.

There are multiple types of black cats Like a Black cat with green eyes, yellow eyes, golden eyes, short hair, long hair and amber eyes.

What breed are black cats?

Amazing black cat breeds are Bombay, Oriental, Sphynx, Ragamuffin, Chantilly-Tiffany, Persian and Exotic.

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