High-Calorie Cat Food – The Ultimate Guide

High-Calorie cat food is needed when your kitten is undernourished and facing severe health issues due to a poor diet plan. High-Calorie cat food is always needed to help your cat in gaining more weight and boost its general health.

In this article, we’ll suggest some High-Calorie pet food that can be highly beneficial for your feline. While considering the best cat food for your kitty, you must look at both wet and dry cat food to make a perfect selection for you. Fortunately, you can find the best feline food recipe in your nearest market. However, you can always consult your vet before selecting any feline food for your favorite pet.

Before going into deep details, let’s explain what is a High-Calorie cat food?

What is High-Calorie Cat Food?

High-Calorie pet food is used to balance your cat’s diet. This type of diet contains protein extracted from fish, poultry, and meat. Furthermore, there are no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors included in High-Calorie feline food. Cats are most likely to reject food with added artificial color or taste as they prefer texture and taste.

Therefore, it’s always recommended that you should choose a recipe that contains your cat’s favorite flavor.

How to measure calories in cat food?

  • Dry Cat Food: Dry food recipes often show the calorie content of a food cup in Kcals. For instance, if a recipe has 497 kcal/cup ME then 8 oz of the cup has 497 calories.
  • Wet cat Food: Wet cat food comes in cans and pouches and shows kcal content in weight. The 96 kcal can have 3 oz weight while 177 kcal can weigh 5.5oz.

When You Should Give High-Calorie Cat Feed To Your Feline?

Your vet will recommend you High-Calorie food depending on your cat’s health. You’ll have to use a vet recommended cat food in the following circumstances:

  • Your cat is just rescued and is highly malnourished.
  • For an elderly feline or frail.
  • Your cat is losing weight every day and needs a diet to regain its weight.
  • Your cat undergoes surgery and needs a speedy recovery.
  • When your cat is very picky in selecting food and lacks proper nourishment.
  • If a cat is hungry for days, displaced, trapped, or ran away from the house then it needs this type of food.
  • A cat that suffers from anxiety and stress because of changes in its surroundings or house shifting.
  • A cat with dental issues needs High-Calorie food.

How to feed a cat that is undernourished?

According to the vet, “ An ill cat or frail will prefer to have multiple meals rather than one complete meal.” On the other side, cats would love to eat when they feel hungry. Therefore, if you force them to eat, they won’t eat anything.

However, if your cat eats on demand then you must ensure that she intakes the required amount of calories. Therefore, you need to adjust your cat’s diet to ensure your cat intakes the required amount of nutrition.

You might have observed that kittens tend to have more meals in a single day. If you’re looking after an undernourished kitten then you need to feed more.

However, as always, you need to take your kitten to the vet to ensure a perfect diet for your kitten. Let’s check out the vet recommended products.

  • Wellness Complete Health with Wholesome Grain Dry Food:

Wellness completes health with wholesome grains dry food is a High-Calorie cat food recommended by most vets around the world. This cat food focuses more on boosting the health of your cat’s skin and coat health.

This pet recipe features a good level of omega fatty acids extracted from flaxseed, salmon, and added vitamin E. Moreover, this great cat food contains a proper balance of fat and protein that helps in boosting your cat’s muscle health. The addition of vitamins and minerals helps in boosting the immune system of your feline.

The wellness complete health with wholesome grain dry food comes in 3,873 Kcal/kg or 472 Kcal/cup ME.

  • Wellness Core Original Dry Food:

With a calorie content of 3,977 kcal/kg or 472 kcal/cup ME, the core original dry food from wellness is the second most used High-Calorie cat food in the market. The wellness core original dry food is made from the deboned Turkey, Chicken Meal, and Turkey meal which supports your cat’s health.

All of these ingredients along with 65% protein and added probiotics help in easy digestion.

  • Wellness Core RawRev Original + 100% Raw Turkey:

The Wellness Core RawRev Original + 100% Raw Turkey contains a calorie content of 3,871 kcal/kg or 484 kcal/cup ME. The best part about this cat food is that it’s grain-free and high protein kibble that features 100% pure bites of turkey liver (freeze and dried).

The Wellness Core RawRev Original + 100% Raw Turkey is very tasty and features a good combination of fats, vitamins minerals, and proteins. All of these ingredients just help in boosting coat health, healthy weight, and lean muscle.

  • Wellness Complete Health Pate Beef & Salmon wet Food:

The calorie content in the wellness complete health pate beef and salmon wet food is 1,133 kcal/kg. This High-Calorie cat food is perfect for cats, they find it easier to eat and digest them. This food recipe is a good combination of essential fatty acids and high-quality protein.

This best cat food recipe is made from all-natural and wholesome ingredients. The best part about this fast food is that it is free from all types of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, carrageenan, and grains.

Final Words

So, this is all about the High-Calorie cat food, I hope you found this article resourceful. Feel free to let us know your opinion in the comment section below. Please comment below if you think we have missed something important about this topic. thank you all!


The 5 best high-calorie cat food names are mentioned below:

  • Wellness CORE Dry Cat Food
  • Blue Buffalo Protein Dry Cat Food
  • Hill’s Science Weight Mgmt Dry Cat Food
  • Blue Buffalo Growth Dry Kitten Food
  • Sheba Perfect Portions Gravy Cat Food

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