long haired cat breeds

Cats are definitely a top favorite and very popular pet choice for people. As soon as your ladylove or child asks for a pet – you think of a pet cat! What other better gift could there be? However, a basic difference between a pet cat and the stray cat is how it looks! While stray cats that you found roaming the streets have ruffled hair and are un-kept; pet cats are the complete opposite. Everyone wants a cat that looks pretty like a picture and this is why long haired cat breeds are a popular option for anyone who is looking for one to take home. If you have any plans to get this long haired beauty too – we thoroughly back your choice. Our only advice to you would be to know how to maintain its look in the long run.

Long haired cat breeds deserve attention

If you have ever had the coincidence of seeing a long hair cat, the first thing that immediately catches your attention is how beautiful it is. It really looks like a wonderful creation of God with silky, smooth long hairs covering the cat body. The body language of these cats is very different as well – almost as if it is aware of its jaw-dropping looks. So surely if there is any cat that deserves your attention and detailed care for grooming; it is this breed.

Tips to groom long haired cats

Caring for long hair cats are not as difficult as many people think it is. There are a few basic grooming tips that you can stick by to make sure your beautiful cat looks this way for a long time!

 1 Purchase essential tools

The first thing you need to do is buy some basic grooming tools like nail clippers, combs, soaps and wash clothes. Invest time and money in your cat’s grooming essentials just as much as you would spend time in Sephora!

2 Careful with its nutrition

Diet plays a crucial role to maintain how your cat looks. The shine, smoothness, and glow on your cat’s exterior are determined by the type of diet it is on. So taking care of the nutrition is very important.

 Teach young ones to imitate adult cats

The trick to making sure your cat is adaptive to the daily or weekly beauty and grooming routine is to train them early. Start with the younger cats. Make sure to keep them around when you are bathing or combing the adult cats. This way they will learn by imitation that grooming is part of their lives and they need to enjoy it because they can’t avoid it.

3 Be patient whilst caring

Cats can often fall ill and this is when they might develop rashes on their bodies or their hair might get very rough. This is the time they need your attention and loves the most. Cats are just like little babies; unable to do anything for themselves on their own but truly worthy of your attention. So be patient with long haired cat breeds if you want it to recover sooner than later.

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