most affectionate cat breeds

As compared to the dogs, it is believed that cats are cold and aloof however there are 7   different most affectionate   cat breeds  that are believed to be the most affectionate of all. The personalities of cats are different but they are really loving and kind in many ways. These breeds are particularly famous because of the love they have for human beings. Here is the list of such cats that are really affectionate towards people.


This is believed to be the most easygoing of all breeds with the nature that is really sweet. They have long hairs and they can become completely limp if a person picks them up. This gives a really beautiful and comfortable feel to the owner. Mostly they stay at home with their owners on the lap and show affection. The tolerance level is shown by this breed makes it a great option for a person who has not much experience with cats.


persian is a pretty famous breed of cats with long hairs. They feel a lot happier when they get the attention of their loved ones. An amazing way to bond with them is the routine brushing of their hairs. Their favorite thing is to be loved and hugged by the people around them. Even if a person allows them t go outside home, they do not wonder that far and come back really soon.

Cornish Rex

It is similar to another cat breed named Devon Rex and they share mostly similar characteristics. They like to make human companions and have a special and strong bond with them. Nature wise they are inquisitive, laid back and entertainment demeanor.  They have a desire to be with the person they love no matter where ever the go.


These cats require high maintenance and are also demanding. They like spending time with the people around them and the family they live with. They have a tendency to have a special bond with a particular family member and seek a lot of attention from him.


This cat breed is an unusual type without hairs and they are the pets that stay indoor only. They do not have the ability to cope up well with the severe temperature and require a lot of care. Often bathing is required for the appropriate care of their skin as well as to keep them comfortable.


This cat is the hybrid form of a Burmese and Siamese cat breed. This feature makes them inherit all the characteristics of love, care, and affection. They like to please people and are an active breed of cats. The company of humans is enjoyed by them because they adjust really well and remain happy. The warm personality with pleasant appearance makes them a great option for cat lovers

Bengal Cat

This is a cat breed that is mixed and is really humble in its actions. Among all the 7 different MOST affectionate   cat breeds  , it is worth mentioning because of the special characteristics they have.

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